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The PDP Rescue Mission Campaign Organization in Osun state has described the launch of its campaign on June 12 as symbolic and a turning point in the march to install a government that boldly and firmly commits to prosperity and development that leave no one behind.

In statement signed by the Director General of the Campaign, Akogun Lere Oyewumi, the organization declared “We shall visit each local government, community to community and house to house and we shall listen to you, so that our programmes are responsive, people centered and friendly’’, adding that “The Rescue Mission train will depart from Owena ending its visit in Ijebu-Ijesha before proceeding to other parts of the state

‘We offer succor and solutions to women, men and young people who have been denied education, abused in the name of economic empowerment, denied their wages, suffered for long under a government by propaganda with unprecedented financial recklessness and deceived again and gain over the past four years by a morally bankrupt APC government, led by Rauf Aregbesola, a judicial foreign governor imposed on us’ the statement noted.

Akogun Oyewunmi stated that ‘’the Rescue Mission goes beyond a political process. It is also a social movement of Osun state indigenes, their friends and associates. Collectively, we reject anti-people development policies and programmes that have mortgaged our today and threaten tomorrow’.

‘Together, we shall move Osun state forward. We shall rescue today and tomorrow from regressive policies. Osun PDP, all its leaders and members, support our candidates for the Office of the Governor. We shall drive foreigners back to Lagos. Oriade is the beginning of the end for the strange political marauders who have haunted and tortured our people since they bought their way into office. From Oriade, the beacon of victory on August 9 will be lit.

’The PDP in Osun state is committed to the Rescue Mission and the eight cardinal programmes. Our leaders are building bridges and healing fractures. Our internal democracy is strong and vibrant’
We call on our leaders and all stakeholders in the Osun project to rise and support this effort. Each contribution is great and valued in the Rescue Mission campaign and movement. Our victory is assured ’, the organization declared.

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