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      Should I call this the state of Nigeria since 1993 or 1999?
        Recent happenings in my country makes me ponder on the future of the people in this country. In my country Nigeria, sustenance of the present democracy is very Germane to us, as we see it as liberty and freedom for us. But to them the game players, it is liberty and freedom to milk us dry and hold on to power.
           In the game of politics, we now know and understand that everything is fair. Stealing votes, intimidating the voters, cajoling the voters with futile promises and maliciously destroying the image of the opponents are viable weapons at sustaining the present “demo-crazy” by the “politrickcians”. 
          The populace, generally referred to as the Masses, are their tools at executing this arsenals on the masses. You think I don’t know what am saying? That the masses are practically destroying the masses? This is why and how, at a particular point in time, there was a federal republic ruled by the iron fist of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. He transferred his governance partially to a milk, mild and confused man called Shonekan. Babangida knew fully well that shonekan was not going to last up to six months on the seat, hence, the name Interim. I wonder how a civilian president could rule people who had not elected him, and also rule with khaki-wearing ministers and special advisers!
That was failure from day one, but the “Maradonna” dribbled the Yoruba race into thinking a yourba, Earnest shonekan, will relinquish power into the hand of people’s denied mandate; Kashimawo “Change 93”, the slogan now used by some set of rulers hoping to crop power away from the hands of some Set of  blood-handed supreme rulers.
       What baffles me most is that MKO as popularly called used the slogan “CHANGE” in the year 1993, and a lot of songs were sang and made very popular, he was considered Nigeria’s coming Messiah because of his philanthropic deeds. The prophecy notwithstanding, IBB, the Maradona, played the Role of Pontius Pilate and washed his hands off the crime by putting in the Pharisee (Shonekan), who laid the life of our supposed messiah into the hands of those that would crucify him, in the person of General Sanni Abacha, the dare devil himself.
        The reign of Sanni unleashed terror on all tribes and tongues; Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. A lot of lifes were terminated and attempted by the then K-Squad led by Kabila (Sgt Rogers), as ordered by Al-Mustapha, the CSO himself. Mothers were killed brutally, ranging from Abiola’s wife (Kudirat), to Alhaja Suliat Adedeji, and some young female students of University of Abuja used by the imported ritualist called Marabout. A lot of activists were around, opposing his governance. Some ran away from the country, altogether. I think they remembered Bob Marleys song in which he said He who fight and run away lives to fight another day”.
           A strange Radio frequency started jamming into Nigeria’s frequency out of nowhere. Radio kudirat in particular; named after Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, voices of the likes of Wole; the genius with white head, NADECO leaders of then Baba Alfred of blessed memory, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Leaders of Pan Yoruba groups like Abraham Adesanya(R.I.P), Olu falai, to mention but few. All these were firmly against the madness that was pandemonic in my Father’s land. They were shot at at one place or the other, and it was rumored that they retaliated by blowing up some Sabos (Hausa communities) in various locations in south and eastern Nigeria probably true, who knows?
   But God took control dramatically, and Abacha became history with his money-sucking family members.
        To cut the long story short, AbdulSalam took over, and the first thing he did was to increase minimum wage. Soonest, Nigerians started forgetting the pains, and no one was standing up against the lost mandate. MKO traveled to the great beyond in a vehicle called miserable, conducted by unprecedented, and driven by unexplainable, all with the last name of Death.
       After a lot of minute-uprising, if there ever was any at all, over his death, the Khaki-wearing Abdusalam became the much need Democracy Messiah. He conducted the first and the last free-fair election ever in Nigeria, and what amazes me the most began to happen.
The unexpected and unwanted man became the first civilian president of Nigeria. However, the military was so careful in picking a Yoruba who was Hausa at heart an ex-military man, at the helm. This was a man detained and Iron-pressed by Abacha’s son, as reports had it.
My people went silent at this point in time, and Olu Falai went into political recess. We were hopeful in Nigeria once again! 

                    To be continued next week!!!

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