Osun State has been known as the State Of The Living Spring since its creation until the self-acclaimed progressives changed it to the State Of Virtue. Needless as it seems I prefer the living spring as it is a name that is glued to the heritage of the state, anytime you hear Omi Asoro, Odo Osun, Esinminrin State of The Livingspring comes to the mind. Let us take a trip from my own perspective of things down memory lane since Ogbeni came into power.
First to be told are those things that was stopped on entering into power, I remembered the government scrapping P.T.A in schools with the bid of making education totally free. I don’t think anyone who did not pass through our public education system would ever know the implication of scrapping the P.T.A in public schools. It is like bringing back the school to the stone age of education but in a bid to rejuvenate it back from the Stone Age, we saw the introduction of Opon Imo which was well applauded throughout the world and enjoyed a whole lot of attention. I remember a day one of my students came visiting, he told me he missed the tablet of knowledge as it exposed them to a world of android games, it added to the numbers of distractions on ground for students preparing for exams. In my bid to cover up for the governments innovation I told him he misused the tablet as there are textbooks on the tablets that could have been used well, for this I was promptly corrected that it wasn’t filled with textbooks but key points that are not explanatory enough. In a bid to prove him wrong I laid my hands on the “Opon Imo” and I was disappointed. It cannot substitute textbooks and neither can it substitute notebooks in the SS 3 as it was not explanatory enough. It was just uploaded with pdf documents and voice reading out key points. The present SSS 3 students have not gotten their own copy of “Opon Imo”, maybe the Government is interested in building better brands of the tablet or too busy with the tribunal for now. As the case may be those remain to be seen. I remembered the ”Ounje Oyin” that was in place in all schools, it has been stable for a while and a kind of thing anyone with the mind of progressives would have gladly continued. I was disappointed when they did not try to fix the loopholes before crushing it, but we were not disappointed for long as “Ounje Aregbe” came into full gear some weeks/months after destroying one that had been stable for a while. I tend to ask what is progressive in that, just asking.
I think the major avenue where there is money is in the state is Education and works hence the Deputy Governor is the Commissioner of Education and the Governor himself is the Commissioner of Works. Those are where the government of Osun focused much more on except providing O-Yes job for twenty thousand youths which was like the “Opon Imo” plague paraded as a giant stride and applauded by all and sundry. PDP uses the slogan POWER TO THE PEOPLE but in Osun State APC should have gone to all power belongs to the Governor, AUTOCRACY IN THE DISGUISE OF DEMOCRACY (a piece I wrote to warn the people of Osun read on here ). No democratic election at the local government level, zero power to the people, it all come from the state government save for some appointed figure head in each local government. All ways governance could have been closer to the people was usurped by the power hungry Lord who wants to dictate everything. The school mergers I wrote about also as a note of warning fell on deaf ears as it was just the voice of a practically unknown fella (read MEGA SCHOOLS AT THE PERIL OF OTHER SCHOOLS on ) .
Rumours as we know it comes from a tiny bit of truth, hear an APC stalwart built a hotel in Lagos State and named it “OSUNGO” meaning Osun people are dumb people. I thought we were not dumb as they claimed not until the election result which was announced. If Osun really voted as claimed by APC then we are really dumb as rumours have had it, but if the mandate was stolen, I would kudos to the masterminds behind the people that executed such a plan and made us doubted our next neighbours sanity. I send out my kudos to the APC game players, they used all to win the Governorship election but can they win at the tribunals? I know a lot of people are already waiting for where power will shift to for the next four years, some political flirts waiting for the next wind of power to sweep them along but the people that will be disappointed will be those that have unchangeable loyalty for a party or individual. There are lots of political mumbo-jumbos I’ll want to unravel but not until next time that I would discuss the political wrestle for power as I see it. My contact with the Director of Media and Strategy for Iyiola Omisore campaign to my time of Silence and all I saw on my TL will I discuss in subsequent days.

I am Ologbenla Adedeji, @samade07 on twitter.