Imagine this scenario; Meet Joseph Duyile, 30 years Old, PHD, (President, Federal Republic of Nigeria), Aisha Bello, 28 years Old, (Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria), Rotimi Ologunde, 27 years Old, Senate President, Dimgba Romulos, 26 years old, Speaker, House of Representatives… Many will snigger and say It is never possible. The leaders of tomorrow shall surely lead one day probably in their graves since therein is a nation of dead dreams and destinies where actualization should,might or could be a reality. The basic work of Satre on existentialism is to show that man lives first then lives for others and he is liable for his actions ; he is a hero or a coward not basically because of his colour nor his Genetic make-ups which they call DNA but by an action he decides to or not to participate in.
   In a situation where man makes a decision to do something or live for something, it is necessary to say that he made a choice and it is note worthy to say that man is made a being without a choice than to make choice(s) at every point in time, through his life time. At the very time he says he decides not to make a decision he yet had made a choice and he is responsible for all the consequences and repercussions which he must bottle up and cork seal.
    Since childhood, basically when we started understanding the difference between the right hand and the left; we were told by our social studies, civic or family living teacher depending on the era of your childhood; that we are the leaders of tomorrow and I have seen on many occasions where my metamorphosis from larva to Imago were reiterated to me, how I will from child grow to be an adult otherwise called youth, where I will eventually take the mantle of leadership from my aged and tired leaders by a substitution method.
   I was told how General Yakubu Gowon took the leadership of this country and reigned under rages and wars that was trying to tear the Nation apart and how General Odumegwu was at his youthful age trying to forge a better nation for his people even the aged ones. I remember I was told, how then the now retired Generals at a youthful age fought for what they believed in and later earned  their wages and eats the fruit of their labour in the present day leadership. 
However, i want to believe that they earn these leadership not in the corners of their rooms covered up by their mothers inner wrapper but in a very vivacious battle to cover up their mothers with their guns and goblets. For some their bloods were the covering on their mothers head. The mother that never gave birth to them but their fathers the mother which their father calls His land; the mother which the children calls their fathers’ land.
   In my own candid opinion a wake up bell should be sounded across the Nation and the slumbering leaders of tomorrow that has attained imago while in the casing meant for a larva should complete their metamorphosis. which won’t be given to them in front of their laptops nor on the faces of their books made by Mark Zukerberg, but by a total earning of their respect which will begat  their thrones in the presence of their stick walking leaders.
A nation will always look like their leaders a Nation with a stick-aided-bent strolling leaders   will look bent overly as compared to a nation ran by able bodied highly athletic and upright walking leaders whose economy,social life style will stand straight just as their posture impose.
  What am saying in essence is, youths are youths because they first exist as youths, but a decision to snatch leadership from the teeth of the old-aged savaging lions, lies in their hands. if he decides to stand up to the challenge of the day he has made a decision and if he decides not to take up the mantle of leadership, he as well made a decision. Either ways His decisions goes, it will definitely have an effect on both old and young, either positively or Negatively. History will never forget His actions and the consequences of His decision will always be with Him to His Grave and still lives behind after he has gone.

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